BreakTHROUGH to Abundance, Money and Love

with Sylvia Marina


Do you sometimes feel like you are on the edge of success - and feel stuck?
Do you fear failure?
Are you afraid success?
Is your DNA coded for survival, scarcity and lack – your DNA is not your destiny, You CAN change!

Your multiple intelligences are calling to be un-caged. In this masterclass identify and clear the obstacles, open the abundance valve and allow flow to happen?

Manage the filters through which you sense Abundance, Money and Love.
Close the valve to disappointment and fear.
Open the valve for abundance to flow.

Start Living in the YES.

·      Yes, I choose to be successful.

·      Yes, I choose to open to my good in miraculous ways.

·      Yes, I am asking to be abundantly supported and guided.

When you clear limiting debilitating patterns of behaviour, you are free to sincerely and honestly commit to something very pure, the ‘how’ will reveal itself.


It’s true, Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny – live in the YES.

“Identifying and ridding the self of generations of programming and self-limiting beliefs in regard to money, freed the energy for more than I ever imagined.” ~ Sylvia Marina


Sylvia Marina ND. - A Human Behaviour Specialist.